3 Legitimate reasons to remove a tattoo

While there’s plenty of wrong reasons to get a tattoo in the first place, there are plenty of wrong reasons to remove one. If it means something to you but your girlfriend doesn’t like it, removing it could be just as silly as getting her name inked on you. But with that said, here are…

Maybe you have your ex’s name on your chest, a misspelt phrase like “no ragrets”, or an already half faded tattoos.

1) The tattoo was a mistake

These are your drunken tattoos, peer-pressured tattoos, and the good old ex- girlfriend tattoo. Don’t worry, we get it, people make mistakes and it can be a little embarrassing at times. But instead of living with the mistake, this is a good reason to opt for laser tattoo removal. Cover ups will often attract more attention than the original due to being so large and dark.

2) It impacts your career

If you’re moving to a more traditional corporate environment or any other profession where having tattoos could impact your career, it might be time to consider laser tattoo removal.

Look, we also agree that you should be able to have whatever tattoo or piercing you want and not be judged for it. After all, it’s your skin and your body.

But the reality is, there are still people who will judge you based on these features. And if you’re in an environment where this is the case, it’s a good idea to weigh between how much your tattoo means to you and your career.

3) Cultural reasons

While having a dragon tattoo on your back might be cool in Australia, if you’re planning to move to Japan anytime soon — you might want to rethink things.

In some cultures, tattoos could have heavy connotations such as gang culture. In the previous example of Japan, tattoos are heavily linked to the Yakuza (a national crime syndicate).

If you’re moving to a country where your tattoo might not be culturally accepted, it’s time to reconsider your move or your tattoo. In these PC times where the snowflakes rule the earth and become offended at everything it may well be time to get rid of the previously acceptable ink.

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