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About our tattoo removal service

The recent uptrend in tattoo application (and removal) has led to an increased demand for removal services. However, it has resulted in many unregistered and untrained operators popping up throughout the country. Unfortunately, it has also caused an increase in the frightening number of life changing disasters as people chose services only based on location or price, and place their trust in people and business' to ' Do the right thing'

Not only are we are owned and operated by medical professionals, we are also Australia's national Cosmedical equipment distributors. We heavily promote the correct training and registration of salons for client peace of mind and to ensure that clients who are treated by our equipment receive the best possible outcome with no cause for adverse comment. We are pushing for unified and cohesive regulations in each state to ensure the same high standards that apply in Western Australia are applied across australia to increase customer satisfaction on the east coast.

Our Laser equipment is serviced on a regular basis as per manufacturer instructions, so you can be assured that you will receive the best possible outcome during your treatment. For a quote you can email photos of your tattoo and just let us know how old your ink is, also let us know if its a cover up of an older one.

We also have a range of other services such as - Permanent hair removal, HIFU non surgical face-lifting and body sculpting, RF skin resurfacing and scar reduction, Age spot reduction & spider vein reduction. For more about these services see our Cosmedical website here www.mtmedical.com.au

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