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M.T. Medical are the leaders in both the cosmetic medicine – Cosmedical- and skin industries, we are fast closing the gap between the fields of expensive cosmetic surgery and low result wallet raping cosmetic products. We are doing this by bringing the safest and best technology into a previously unregulated industry and creating standards and pushing for legislative changes as we move forward. As the distributors of some very specific equipment which we have helped to design, we are at the forefront of making improvements in personal surface beauty both safer and more permanent.

Reasons to remove a tattoo

Mistaken Tattoo

Drunken tattoos, peer-pressured tattoos, and the good old ex- girlfriend tattoo. You will definitely remove the tattoo

Career Impacts

If you’re moving to a more traditional corporate environment or any other profession, you may need to remove tattoo

Cultural reasons

Some culture doesn't accept tattoo. If you are moving to a new culture, you may consider removing your tattoo

5 Things you should ask when looking for a tattoo removal clinic

Who operates the machine?

This should always be the first question to ask and is the determining factor in your safety.

How old is the machine?

This is important for you to know as it can help you to determine the success of your treatment.

How often does the machine get serviced?

All equipment needs servicing on a regular basis, but the majority of clinics do not bother with this as it is time consuming and loses them money while the machine is down.

What type of laser is it

The type of laser is being used to removing the tattoo should be known

How many sessions will I need and how long is a session?

The length of session and number of session is also should be known.


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